Toowoon Bay Auto Electrical Locations

GSB Automotive Electrical offer its services at different locations. Our auto electrical experts at Toowoon Bay are ready to help you with any electrical services from automotive engine systems problems to air conditioning and battery services. At GSB Automotive Electrical we are passionate about getting things done in its most efficient way. We offer a full range of services including repair, maintenance and installations.

Long Jetty Auto Electrical

In addition to Toowoon Bay,we provide our customers with our repair services in several other locations. As one of the Long Jetty auto electrical service providers, GSB Automotive Electrical’s specialists are always ready to help you with auto electrical, air conditioning and battery system services. We take pride in our quality services delivered in the shortest time possible by our experienced experts and mechanics across Australia.

The Entrance Auto Electrical

GSB team is located at the Entrance auto electrical and our team is always ready to provide our customers with a complete range of auto electrical services such as air conditioning, electrical repairing, battery systems, car charging and lighting services. We also provide after market fitting and auto electrical accessory installation.

Bateau Bay Auto Electrical

As one of the best Bateau Bay auto electrical groups, our experts at GSB Automotive Electrical guarantee high quality services and we are constantly training and acquiring new skills and equipment to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving modern motor vehicle repair trade. Our group is there to help you get your car back on the road as fast as possible.

Blue Bay Auto Electrical

Our experience at GSB Automotive Electrical enables us to cover a huge range of services as one of the Blue Bay Auto Electrical groups. We can get your vehicle fixed at your place, install accessories and after market parts, repair and maintain your air conditioning system and install dual battery systems and auto lighting systems.


Air Conditioning

Installation, service, repair and re-gassing.

Battery Systems

Battery and car starting systems and accessories.

Service Locations

See our service locations where we can come to you.


After market fitting and electrical accessories.

Brake Controllers

Electrical brake controller installation and service.

Lighting Services

Third party fog lamps, lamp replacement and trailer lights.

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