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Auto Lighting System

From road safety consideration,a good quality lighting system for an automobile is very important. Since it enables the driver to drive safely in darkness while enhancing the visibility of the car and acts as a warning signal to other vehicles on the road. Generally vehicle lights must perform two functions including allowing the driver to see in darkness and also allowing the vehicle to be seen by other drivers on the road. A lighting system failure ,while driving at night, will have catastrophic results.  Therefore it is important to use the right Auto lighting systems and do regular maintenance checking before getting on the road. Several factors need to be considered regarding the auto lighting system such as the design, durability and technology used in their manufacturing such as heat resistance or water resistance. At GSB Automotive Electrical, we offer various kinds of auto lighting systems including head lamps, tail lamp sets, flog lamps and brake lamps to facilitate drivers’ safety. we assure our customers that the latest technology is used in our Auto lighting systems including auto high beam, selective high beam filtering and automatic or desk-sensing head lights.

Third Party Fog Lamps

Fog lamps enhance visibility of the vehicle in conditions of poor visibility such as fog,rain and snow. If you are planning to have a road trip during a cold season, make sure that you have checked your fog lamps in order to have a safe trip. GSB Automative Electrical offers a huge range of third party fog lamps and our experts can help you choosing the right lamp that best suits your car since choosing a fog lamp is primarily dependent on the existence of the mounting cutout space on your vehicle. In addition, you will have a choice between original fog lamps or other after market products. You might also need to consider the safety ranking of a fog lamp before making any purchase. Whether you need a new headlight, tail light, plate light or any kinds of third party fog lamp, our experts at GSB can help you buying and replacing your vehicles’ lamp at the most reasonable price.

Lamp Replacement

Your car head lights can crack, wear out or dim over time. Therefore you need to consider replacing the old ones with new ones that can guarantee your driving safety at night. Whether your car’s lamp is broken in an accident or is not working properly, at GSB Automotive Electrical we offer lamp replacement services. we replace it with the right brand, model and type of lamp that fits your vehicle’s requirement so that you make sure your car is equipped with the best quality lamp that assures a safe convenient drive. Our mechanics at GBS are here to help removing the old lamp and replacing it with the highest quality standard lamps.

Trailer Lights

GBS Automative Electrical is the place for all your lighting needs especially for trailer lights. We offer durable trailer lights and have a whole range of them that fit all kinds of trucks, Utes and all different type of trailers such as very light trailers, light trailers and medium trailers. Our trailer lights are available at the most reasonable price, with waterproof designs and built-in coordinators. GBS team is there to help you with LED alternatives to solve the bulb failure problems that make trailer lights to get replaced frequently.

Air Conditioning

Installation, service, repair and re-gassing.

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Battery and car starting systems and accessories.

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Lighting Services

Third party fog lamps, lamp replacement and trailer lights.

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