Battery Systems

Car Starting System

Considering a car starting system, the purpose of the battery is to supply the necessary current to the starter motor and the ignition system to help the engine start. Any problem with the car starting system will prevent the current to the starter. There are several factors that may cause starting system to malfunction such as battery charge, excessive heat, excessive vibration, corrosion, dirt and dust and improper use of starting fluid. At GSB Automotive Electrical, excellent car repair services are  provided to our clients by our reliable mechanics in the shortest time possible.We have a full range of starting system components in our stock including engine push button switch, battery cables, neutral safety switch and a lot more. A very common problem with car starting systems is the battery failure which might be due to a defect in battery system or an old flat battery that needs to be replaced. An old battery can just die one day without any warning. Whether the problem is the old battery or the starter motor itself our team at GSB Automotive Electrical can get it fixed for you.We offer high quality car system services to ensure our customers keep driving safely and conveniently.We also guarantee that our customers take advantage of the best prices offered by GSB, considering the quality of our car repair services.

Car Charging

GSB Automotive Electrical provides a complete electronic vehicle charging solutions including charging stations and driver management services.  As electric car charging is different from fuelling a vehicle with gasoline, At GSB Automotive Electrical we help our customers with selecting the right car charging devices. Electronic cars can be charged either at home or away from home at charging station networks. However, It is best to fully charge your electronic vehicle at home before you leave home. The quality and durability of the car charging systems plays an important role in driving your electronic vehicle conveniently and also determines the price that you will pay for it. We provide you with necessary information on types of charger that best suit your car such as fast charger types including SAE Combo that best suits BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-golf or CHAdeMO that is best designed for Nissan Leaf. Our experts will help you understand the difference between various types of charging such as “charging code”, public charging stations and DC fast charging and will also help you setting up your home car charging outlet. Then you will know which charger best meets your requirements in order to make a purchase. We also offer different car charging solutions to help our customers with sustainable driving experience.

Car Starting

Car starting system has different components that work collaboratively to make the vehicle run. Car starting problems especially in cold mornings might be due to battery, oil or fuel problems. First of all, every car battery produces less current in cold weather and it might also cause fuel problems. To prevent that you need to keep your car warm and use the correct oil. There are several symptoms that cars with starting system problem might have such as the car is silent when you turn the key in the ignition, the car makes a clicking noise but will not start, the car cranks over but will not start, the car will not start on rainy days, the car will not start on cold mornings, the engine misses while idling, the engine misses or hesitates during acceleration, the engine knocks or pings. Whether there is a problem with the battery,  starter motor or ignition switch, you might need to get some advice on your vehicle’s car starting system. At GSB Automotive Electrical we offer starting system component check and diagnosis to our customers to make sure the battery and other components of the system are working properly or need to be replaced.

Car Battery

Our experts at GSB Automotive Electrical help you choose the battery that meets all your vehicle’s requirements and assist you fitting it into your vehicle. Since the cheap car batteries will cost you more in long-run you need to get the high quality batteries that are more durable. The battery is considered as heart of your car, therefore it requires enough expertise and knowledge to pick the right one for your car.  There are many factors to consider while buying a car battery such as environmental conditions, driving habits, use of powered accessories and climate.  These factors significantly affect the durability and reliability of the car battery. You can get consultation from our experts about different kinds of batteries to make sure that you get the right one that fits best your vehicle. First of all, we accurately asses your current battery’s condition to ensure that your car battery needs to be replaced.We exceed our clients’ expectations with our flawless battery repair and replacement services. Our car battery services include installation, testing the existing battery, testing charging systems, testing current drain or power leakage and disposal of your old battery.

Battery Systems

There are different types of car battery systems such as dual battery systems and battery systems for camping. Whether your battery is flat or dead or your car is not starting, you need to get a new battery. GSB Automotive Electrical have a stock of different types of batteries for your car from Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries and Mover Batteries to Golf Card Batteries and NBN Batteries and as a trusted name in the industry to support your vehicle, provides you with high quality, long-lasting batteries which are designed to support all budgets and vehicle types. GSB is a home to huge range of batteries that are all manufactured from high quality material and is a name that you can trust for the best quality and most reliable battery systems. Regardless of the model of your car we can help you repair or replace your car battery system within a fraction of time.



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