Brake Controllers

Brake Controller

A brake controller is usually an aftermarket part that is installed into the vehicle and provides and provides the activation of 12v power to the electronic brakes. Brake controllers are more necessary than ever before, since most of vehicles specially trailers and vans are now fitted out with electronic brakes and therefore, is the brain behind the activation of the electronic brake. By law, as a trailer driver you are required to have self-activating emergency brakes for vehicles more than 2000 Kg ATM that will stay activated for 15 minutes.

Brake controller servicing

At GSB Automotive Electrical, we have a full range of electronic brake controllers that fits your trailers or van. We offer electric brake controller servicing and repair including, brake controller repair and installation, hot wires, trailers plugs, wiring and general auto electrical services. If you need a brake controller installed, do not hesitate to contact us, we guarantee your driving safety by making sure that your vehicle has the right brake controller installed that works efficiently.

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Brake Controllers

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