Accessories and Fittings

After Market Fitting

After market parts vary greatly in their quality and look. However, they are usually much less expensive than genuine parts and how much you save by using an after market device is dependent on the brand. At GSB Automotive Electrical, we have a big range of aftermarket parts and help our clients with Auto Electrical Accessories-Aftermarket Fitting. Whether its about after market car stereo or brake pad set , our team can assist you with picking the right parts and its additional accessories and providing all the necessary tools for removing the original part and replacing it with the new part.

Our experts install your chosen after market accessory professionally so that your car does not get damaged or scratched. Any electronic accessories such as exterior lights, TV screens and alarm systems can be installed in its most efficient way by our staff at GSB Automotive Electrical.

Auto Electrical Accessories

Auto Electrical Accessories and aftermarket fitting can enhance your driving experience through providing more convenient passenger-friendly equipment. Whether you are interested in DIY Motors or just in need of some replacement parts, our team at GSB Automotive Electrical will offer you an enormous range of auto electrical accessories such as fuses, fuse holders, connectors, terminals, cable clamps and circuit breakers for all your lighting and auto electrical needs.

At GSB Automotive Electrical we offer an extensive range of auto electrical accessories from the smallest of connectors, dashboard buzzers and fuses to the largest of heavy duty batteries which are supported by industry leading brands. Quality is something that we will not compromise, so our customers feel confident buying any of our products from connectors, sockets, plugs to battery chargers, battery accessories and junction boxes and we also assure them receiving the product that best suits their requirements.

Our experts at GSB provide our customers with consultation on different brands of accessories and their prices to make sure that the customers receive what they exactly want and to help them with the whole process of auto electrical accessories-after market fitting.

Air Conditioning

Installation, service, repair and re-gassing.

Battery Systems

Battery and car starting systems and accessories.

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Accessories & Fittings

After market fitting and electrical accessories.

Brake Controllers

Electrical brake controller installation and service.

Lighting Services

Third party fog lamps, lamp replacement and trailer lights.

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