Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning

GSB Automotive Electrical delivers a full range of air conditioning services. Our highly trained staff at GBS can help you with your car air conditioning installation, car air conditioning repair or car air conditioning replacement. We pride ourselves in offering air conditioning repairs using some of the latest technology so that our customers be confident that the air conditioning  system of their car is in ideal condition and rest assured that their convenience is not at risk. We have many years of experience in offering innovative and advanced air conditioning solutions that are implemented in its most efficient way. If you are in the middle of the road realising the air conditioning system of your car is not working, do not hesitate to contact us. At GSB Automotive Electrical, our dedicated team of professionals will be there as soon as possible to deliver a trouble free air conditioning experience for drivers. We offer a full range of air conditioning services from sales to installation and maintenance. We take our customer service seriously and make sure that we offer the highest quality services and the most reasonable prices.

Air Conditioning Re-gas

Is your car having an issue with its air conditioning? Need an air conditioning re-gas? GBS Automotive Electrical’s air conditioning services comes to you and get all your air conditioning problems fixed in the shortest time possible. We could easily figure out what the problem is by our air conditioning service experts to keep you at a comfortable climate, when in your car, all year round.

The most common reason of poor performing  Air conditioning system of your car is lack of gas. Our experts will do a range of testings such as leak testing, pressure testing and fault finding to see whether your car’s air conditioning system needs to be re-gassed or not. Also, we assure our customers to receive the highest quality re-gas and air conditioning services. We use the best quality gas that lasts much longer than other brands available in the market. Whether you need a re-gas or full repair, our team will be there to help you.

Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning doesn’t keep you as cool as it used to? Is it not working at all? This might be due to the system losing gas though hoses or seals or any other problem with gas loss. Regular service and repair of air conditioning system is important to make sure that air conditioning system of your car is in a good condition. At GSB Automotive Electrical, we take pride in our efficient air conditioning services and our experts guarantee the fastest, most convenient services to our customers. We recommend our customers to regularly check their air conditioning systems with our mechanics to avoid any system damage or vehicle breakdown. Preventative maintenance can help you not only keep your Air conditioning system functioning all the time but also will help you save on vehicle breakdown repair.


Air Conditioning

Installation, service, repair and re-gassing.

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