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Mobile Auto Electrical

GSB Automotive Electrical is the Toowoon Bay’s first name when it comes to quality Mobile Auto Electrical Services. We offer auto electrical solutions, services and repair from battery systems to lighting services and accessory fitting. We supply, install and repair any component of your car including, battery, light, air conditioning, brakes and any other general electrical services. Our experienced staff at GSB are dedicated to offer our customers an exceptional customer service with competitive prices to all vehicle drivers including cars, trucks, buses, 4X4 and earth moving equipment at your location.

Mobile Service

Is your car broken on the road? Has the air conditioning system stopped working on a hot day in summer? Does your car light need to be replaced?

If you are looking for any type of mobile auto electrical services around Central Coast, GSB is the name that you can trust. GSB Automotive Electrical offers a full range of mobile services for all your vehicle requirements.  We do any kind of auto electrical repair including starter motors, vehicle lighting, batteries and air conditioning. Browse through our services and get consultation from our experts to get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible.  All you need to do is to give us a call and our experienced automotive electrician will be there to get your car fixed so that you can get back on the road and continue your trip safely. Our specialists help you through the repair and replacement process. Just get in touch and we will get the rest of the job done for you.

How Can We Help You?

Air Conditioning

Installation, service, repair and re-gassing.

Battery Systems

Battery and car starting systems and accessories.

Service Locations

See our service locations where we can come to you.

Accessories & Fittings

After market fitting and electrical accessories.

Brake Controllers

Electrical brake controller installation and service.

Lighting Services

Third party fog lamps, lamp replacement and trailer lights.

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